Panasonic NN-SD681S Stainless 1200W 1.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop/Built-in Microwave with Inverter Technology

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Stainless-steel 1.2-cubic-foot microwave oven with Inverter technology and blue read-out display. view larger

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Inverter technology
Panasonic Inverter microwave oven
Stainless-steel 1.2-cubic-foot microwave oven with Inverter technology and blue read-out display. view larger

Panasonic NN-SD681S Stainless-Steel 1.2-Cubic-Foot 1200-Watt Inverter Microwave Oven

The Genius Prestige Countertop/Built-In Microwave Oven

With its stainless steel door and silver wrap, this 1200-watt microwave oven by Panasonic makes a stylish and convenient addition to any up to date kitchen. The 1.2-cubic-foot unit with its 13-1/2-inch turntable excellently cooks and frivolously heats anything from breakfast foods and after-school snacks to dinnertime meals and appetizers when entertaining. Ideal for busy professionals and on-the-go families, the microwave oven provides quick and easy meal preparation whilst nicely accommodating and enhancing surrounding decor.

Panasonic Inverter microwave oven
The countertop microwave can also be installed within the wall the usage of an optional matching trim kit.
(Trim kit shown won’t represent actual trim kit.)
Shrimp Pasta
Make shrimp pasta and other delicious dishes.

Inverter Technology

Moving Beyond Just “Heating Things Up”

Many other people just use their microwaves for making popcorn or warming up soup because such a lot microwaves just have one temperature setting–high. Conventional microwave ovens would possibly have a low-power setting, but that is achieved by “pulsing” the high-power setting off and on reasonably than by emitting a steady stream of low-powered energy.

Panasonic’s trailblazing Inverter technology delivers true, variable microwave power, because of this even temperatures and consistent textures all the way through the food being cooked. The consistent delivery of microwave energy permits delicate foods to simmer without the perimeters and surfaces overcooking, so foods have the look and taste you are expecting–without the wait.

The Inverter microwave oven perfects the art of cooking, taking microwave cooking to an entire new level. You’ll be able to revel in delicious food that better retains its color, nutrients, and flavor and that is the reason more uncomplicated and faster to arrange. Oh, and you’ll be able to still make great popcorn.

Single, Compact Power Supply

Furthermore, the Inverter power unit is smaller and lighter than conventional microwave circuitry (aka the heavy, enclosed side of the microwave), which permits for more interior space to suit that favorite casserole dish, without increasing the oven’s overall exterior dimensions. Weighing just 25-1/2 pounds, the oven’s roomy interior measures 14-3/8 inches long by 13-15/16 inches wide by 9-15/16 inches high, whilst its compact exterior measures 15-13/16 inches long by 20-11/16 inches wide by 12-1/4 inches high.

Additional Features

Genius Microwave

With the touch of Panasonic’s Sensor Cooking button, the microwave takes the guesswork out of making an excellent meal, by routinely setting power levels and adjusting cooking or defrosting time.

The sensor measures the quantity of steam produced all over cooking, and signals the microprocessor to calculate the rest cooking time on the appropriate power level routinely.

Inverter Turbo Defrost

Panasonic evolved the Turbo Defrost feature, which lets you defrost foods even faster than previous Panasonic Auto Defrost. Panasonic Inverter Turbo Defrost technology is an advanced microwave sequencing system the usage of the inverter continuous-power delivery method.

Inverter Melt-Soften Button

This feature lets you melt or soften quite a lot of foods such as butter, cream cheese, ice cream, and chocolate.

One-Touch Sensor Cook and Reheat

The Sensor adjusts power levels and calculates cooking and reheating times–routinely–for more than a few food types like omelets, pasta, frozen entrees, potatoes, vegetables, beverages, and more.

Pop-Out Dial

With a spin of the dial, the straightforward-to-use pop-out dial is a departure from the usual keypad found on such a lot microwave ovens.

Keep Warm Feature

A pulsing delivery of very low microwave power assists in keeping food temperatures at a constant level–without overcooking. So, foods like stew, gravy, and desserts remain warm within the oven for as much as 30 minutes after cooking.

Blue LED Display

4-digit neon blue LED display provides a high-end look that enhances any kitchen decor.


Time-of-day clock and timer provide exceptional convenience.

Push-Button Door Release and Stainless Steel Front

Elegant, attractive, and easy-to-open, the microwave will look its easiest even if getting ready one of the most messiest recipes.

Child-Safety Lock

For safety, the kid lock prevents electronic operation (door still opens). Press Start 3 times to fasten (a key symbol shall be displayed); press Stop/Reset 3 times to cancel.

Trim Kit (optional)

The Prestige countertop microwave can also be installed within the wall the usage of an optional matching trim kit accessory (27-inch model NN-TK621SS).

User-Friendly Control Panel
User-friendly regulate panel with blue read-out digital display.

Please Note: upper-left corner of the door has a small indentation to permit the door to open smoothly.

Click here to view the set-up guide.

Make Mealtime Marvelous

Create your whole favorite recipes, quickly and easily, with Panasonic’s Inverter microwave oven.

  • Eggs
  • Appetizers
  • Soups
  • Casseroles
  • Fish/seafood
  • Meats
  • Pasta/grains/cereals
  • Poultry
  • Sauces
  • Vegetable side dishes
  • Pies
  • Desserts & breads

Culinary Institute of America

CIA Cookbook
Free cookbook: Master Chefs Microwave Recipes Made Easy.
Click here to view
Panasonic & The Culinary Institute of The united states Get Things Cooking

Panasonic Inverter microwave ovens have been named the microwave-cooking method of choice by the distinguished Culinary Institute of The united states (CIA). Panasonic and the CIA have teamed as much as develop a series of healthy and delicious recipes created especially for the Panasonic Inverter microwave oven.

Free Online Recipes

The Master Chefs Microwave Recipes Made Easy cookbook includes preparation tips and professional techniques so as to have you cooking like a pro together with your Panasonic microwave oven very quickly.

Choose from quite a lot of mouthwatering recipes–from goat cheese and red onion quesadillas to corn chowder with chilies and Monterey Jack to Mediterranean vegetable frittatas. Bon appetite!

Panasonic 1.2-Cubic-Foot Inverter Microwave Ovens

Model NN-SN651B








Oven Capacity 1.2 cubic feet
Wattage 1200 watts
Turntable Diameter 13-1/2 inches
Housing Black White Stainless-Steel Front with Silver Wrap
Control Panel Flat Panel Membrane Pop-out Dial + Button
Display Panel 4-Digit Display Green 4-Digit Display Blue 4-Digit Display
Performance / Features
Auto Cook/Reheat Yes
Power Settings 10 Levels
Cavity Dimensions (LxWxH inches) 14-3/8 x 13-15/16 x 9-15/16
Unit Dimensions (LxWxH inches) 15-13/16 x 20-11/16 x 12-1/4
Trim Kits (optional) 27″ Model N/A NN-TK621SS

Inverter Technology for even cooking and delivering delicious flavor and Inverter Turbo Defrost for quick defrosting
Elegant 4-Digit Blue Readout LED Display with Programming Icon Dial and buttons for quick programming
1200 Watts of High Power; One-Touch Genius Sensor Cook and Reheat for automatic cooking settings
Measures 15 15/16″ (D) x 20 3/8″ (W) x 11 7/8″ (H), 25.3 lbs., Stainless Steel face
Please note: upper left-corner door has a small indentation to permit the door to open smoothly.

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