Black Friday Hacks — 5 Black Friday Tips and Tricks

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Posted on: January 16, 2018
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So as you know, black Friday and cyber Monday are one of the best times of the year to save a ton of money if you’re buying gifts for people. But also on tech and leveling up your own gear for creating content, for gaming, for whatever it is you would normally shop for.

But I have a few tips for maximizing your savings and these all apply to shopping online, which is really what I think you should do. I mean, I know that some people camp out and they, you know, wait in lines and they go to all the mayhem. But I definitely prefer, you know, just grabbing a cup of hot chocolate and just chilling at home and taking advantage of Amazon Lightning Deals and all the online savings and shopping that you can do on black Friday. But here are kind of my five best tips for getting the most out of the holiday. Number one is definitely create a list ahead of time of what you’re looking for. You know, it can be really easy to end up buying stuff that you actually don’t really need, but stuff that you just want on black Friday. You know what I mean? So if you inventory your gear, like what are some of the things you want to do in the next year? What kind of content do you want to create? What kind of like lenses do you need to tell certain stories or what kind of cameras do you want to upgrade? Are you trying to upgrade your laptop or whatever? And who you’re shopping for.

If you have a list ahead of time then you can really stay focused and not get distracted by so much advertising coming at you, so much noise. And so make a list ahead of time. Number two is compare prices. Ahead of time and also real time. So when you’re making your list, write down what the price is for the product, what it kind of should be, so you know how much savings your actually getting. One website I love for that is That’ll show you the history of any product on Amazon, what it’s sold for, the highs and the lows. And so another one you can do is They have an extension and a plug in that’ll show you at a snapshot what the product is selling for. Because just because it’s a black Friday special doesn’t mean it’s the best price online or of all time. So doing your research on pricing so you really know if you’re getting a good deal or if you’re just getting caught up in hype.

Number three is actually do your research on the products ahead of time. And what I mean by this is that don’t just necessarily say, okay I know I want to get some lighting for my YouTube channel, so let me just buy whatever lighting goes on special on black Friday. Sometimes retailers will actually discount products that weren’t that great. So they have an extra inventory of it so they’re clearing it out. This happens a lot with potentially laptops and so it can seem like this is an incredible deal but the product might be terrible right? So what I like to do is actually make a list of the exact products that I’m hoping to get for. Whether it’s like some microphones, cameras, lenses, whatever it is. And, lighting, you know, make that list and then bookmark the pages that you want. If you’re, you know, real time lightning deal and it’s a limited time do as much research as you can to really read the reviews to make sure that the products themselves are legit and quality.

Tip number four is look for additional promo codes and coupon codes. You know what’s really cool about online is that sometimes you can stack the savings by googling the brand name, the website name and coupon code or discount code and actually find an addition 10% off. Actually find an additional discount that you can stack on top of black Friday and it might work. And so that’s a huge tip. Another area is on amazon there’s like a bar that sometimes says, if you buy two products then you get another 15% off from a certain brand. Or you buy three you get 20% off. So now you have the black Friday price, plus the coupon codes that they give you on that Amazon area or coupon codes from online and now your savings are getting crazy. And tip number five is take advantage of Amazon Lightning Deals and set reminders of when certain deals go live.

And so this is Amazon specific but that is definitely my favorite site to shop on on black Friday. I have my whole strategy outlined. And so what you can do with lightning deals, is they will actually preview when it’s gonna go live and some of them, if it’s a great deal, it fills up really fast. So what you can do is set reminders on your phone to say, okay that light kit that I want is gonna be live at five o’clock so you get that notification maybe five minutes early so you can jump on it right on time. And this is actually a good reason, if you’re not signed up for Amazon Prime, to sign up for Amazon Prime because some deals are prime early access. So prime members get 30 minutes head start on certain deals, and if it’s a really killer deal it’ll fill up before it even becomes public to non prime members. So you know, prime, I have a whole video on Amazon Prime.

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