6 Shopping Secrets Brands DON’T Want You to Know!

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Posted on: January 16, 2018
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Ah man.. I’m about to piss a bunch of brands right now. Hopefully none of my brands sponsors are looking at this. So, in todays video, I’m going to share with you a couple secrets that I’ve learned from the back end of the industry. Stuff that you can do as the consumer to get the best deals. These are some of the best shopping secrets out there, that most brands don’t want you to know about. But I’m still going to tell you. Who cares. Number one, did you know you can actually negotiate prices in stores. Now this doesn’t work in every retail store but even some of the major ones it can be done.

And I’ve personally done it myself. Especially, electronic stores, I’ve noticed you can have the best options there. But to give you an example, me personally, I actually went to h.h.gregg, it’s a local electronic shop here where I live. And I was looking for a tv for my office. Long story short. it was a floor model. It had a yellow sticker, so watch out for those. If it has a yellow sticker, chances are its a clearance item they just want to get rid off. It had all the specks that I wanted, the sales attendant that I was speaking to, I basically told him, “Hey, it’s a floor model, it looks like you guys want to get rid of it. What can you do for me?” I ended up saving $200 bucks on it. Number two, shop out of season. I get the best deals on expensive items, when I shop outside of season. For example, this coat you see right now, This is a Banana Republic that I bought in the middle of the summer for 25 bucks. These usually go for $250+ during the winter months in Banana Republic.

I got it for $25 during summer. The good trick you can do and execute this and not forget about the item is download an app called, Shoptagr, completely free. You can download it on your computer and your phone, thats what I did, that way anytime you’re surfing the web and you see an item you like, whether it be a coat, some boots, a shirt, whatever it is, tag it with Shoptagr.

What that does is that, Shoptagr is going to let you know when that item goes on sale. Honestly, in my opinion it is one of the most have apps when you’re shopping online, and you want to score the best deals. This app will help remind you, “oh, that’s right. I wanted that coat.” As soon as it goes on sale, you’re going to get that email, that way you can purchase it. And the coolest part is that, if you go to the app, everything is organized in categories, so you can go in and check the things you want, remove things that you don’t want anymore and keep it all organized.

So if you guys want to check out Shoptagr, definitely click that link below. Its completely free to download on your phone and computer, and its a must have for extreme savings when you’re shopping online. The third thing you can do is, actually negotiate with ‘bots online. Have you noticed when you’re an online store a little pop up ‘bot comes on the corner of your screen, its usually customer service asking if they can help you with anything.

And a lot of times, believe it or not, you can actually haggle with those ‘bots because theres a person behind there, and get better deals. I’ve heard companies like Nike, and Dell offer up to 10% off when you go through that route. And the cool things is that a lot of smaller brands are hoping onto the train, which means you can do it as well. Rose Gold and Black has that ‘bot as well. You don’t have to haggle with them, I did the haggling for you guys already. If you click the link below, you’re going to get the best deal, online, for mens accessory, period, without doing any haggling, I did it for you. As you guys know, Rose Gold and Black is our brand partnered for our show and they really support us to pump out more quality content, helpful content, to help all of you guys out. If you guys have never checked Rose Gold and Black, you guys have too. Rose Gold and Black is a mens accessory company, focuses a lot of bracelets and necklaces right now.

Those are their two main products, but within that they have a lot of different designs that suits almost every type of guy out there. Personally I think their bracelets are amazing. There nothing like anything you’re going to find at H&M, Forever 21, the designs are completely unique. So it won’t look like you’re wearing cheap accessories. The great thing is that because of its quality and design that they put in all of their products, it looks expensive on your wrist when you wear it. If you guys want to check out Rose Gold and Black, and check out some of this amazing selection, and see why they’re so amazing, definitely click that link below so you can check it out.

And for the holidays, it makes an amazing gift. I’m going to have it linked below with that code that I already dialed for you guys, so you can check it out. So the fourth shopping secret that no brand wants you to know, this is a good one, abandon your cart on purpose. See most companies will do anything they can to get you to fully complete that sale and make you a customer.

So what happens is when they see a customer add something to the cart and then abandon it, they probably thing “it was probably too expensive” so they go ahead and email you a discount code that you can then apply and get it cheaper. So all you want to do is next time you’re in your favorite store, create an account with them, you need to do this step because that way they have your email and could send you that discount code. Once you’ve created the account, add to cart your favorite items, whatever item it was you wanted to buy, and then purposely just exit out.

Within hours, like no joke, like clockwork, and most companies do this, you’re going to have an email in your inbox given you a certain discount code, Ive seen anything from 20, 10, 15 up to 25% off just to make sure that they seal that sale, its an amazing discount. And finally, the last thing you’re going to want to do is, sign up to all the newsletters of your favorite stores. For me, I love J. Crew, I love Banana Republic, I love Zara, a lot of these stores that I like and I know I shop constantly at, I always sign up to their newsletter.

Their customers are going to the first ones to know when sales drop, when they’re offering discount codes or when their new collection comes in. If you’re not signed up, you’re never going to know. And a little bonus tip I just thought about, look up toy ur favorite influencers, if theres a certain influencer that you like and you like their style, make sure you’re following them. Most of the time they’re probably working with brands that they are wearing them constantly and will offer you discounts codes to those brands. And the best part, I can tell you from being an influencer myself, the best discounts come from influencers. ‘Cause usually these brands will offer these influencer’s audience a higher discount than anything thats on their store. So those are the best discounts you’ll get. Alright guys so thats it for me in this weeks video. I hope you enjoyed it, if you did don’t forget to drop us a like down below. That’s it for me today, see you next time!.

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